2012 Lancia Thema Review

Lancia Thema debut at the Geneva Motor Show, 2011 Presenter, a new chapter in the legendary heritage of the brand. Just to keep the flagship world premiere, which brings together the best of all worlds, a new rear-wheel-time, the car has been developed based on the Chrysler 300 and is ready, because the topic for the first time in 1984, to get the hardest, but also attempts to present the prestigious segment very last, a real choice.

2012 Lancia Thema review
To achieve this, the 2012 Lancia Thema combines measurement, comfort and a commanding presence on the streets of America qualities often amounted to Poltrona Frau ® leather interior end, the silence Lancia wonderful pampering and attention to detail all the best Italian style to express.

For sale by all dealers in Europe in October 2011, Lancia Thema is available in two versions - Gold and Platinum - a pair of engine options: 3.6L 292 hp V6 petrol engine with automatic transmission and 190 hp eight or 224 hp and three. The V6 diesel, as well as the 5-speed automatic transmission.

2012 Lancia Thema review

Measuring 5,084 mm long 1507 mm significantly, 1891 wide and 3051 mm wheelbase, the new theme is characterized by luxury sedan during his distinctive style contemporary. Located in front of the grid collectively Lancia brand, and the horizontal bars indicate the precision and regularity of discipline, special design and style. Chrome-plated bars, and a brand project, create a special frame difference, which is also in chrome. Total Look has confirmed two of the beacons of innovative LED technology and innovations to carry daytime running lights, which, together with a sort of "C", a distinctive and amazing road presence.

Profile of new businesses owned Lancia emphasize its predecessor, in addition to luxury that give a sophisticated display. Sustainable input to stop the roof lines, mixed with three quarters spine is characterized by a very strong tail lights, full silhouette. In addition, the windshield angle and provides aerodynamic performance thin columns, the driver can get pleasure from excellent visibility.

2012 Lancia Thema review
Finishing the unusual spherical, rear spoiler car includes the Lancia logo lies below. Can shed light on the darkest night, two harmonic models, LED rear lights combine chrome strip that highlights a new chapter in the classroom. Frontal muscle is occupied by two chrome tailpipes offers a range of styles to the overall performance of the engine.

Thema new specification combines the comfort and ease and leadership of the inimitable high-end segment, which has always produced Lancia cars outside. The interior reveals a special style and give passengers a pleasant, soft-touch components and magnificent interior with heated seats option Nappa leather and Poltrona Frau ® leather dashboard, leather-wrapped, and real wood inserts the center panels of the console, doors and steering wheel. In addition, the dashboard, a result in three dimensions, enhanced by subtle chrome finish and a panel group into double light sapphire blue, a color also used for LED lighting inside. In addition, to ensure the best comfort in its class, the seats were created with a new architecture that consists of suspension with coil springs (S). The entry has 4 seats lumbar adjustment by up / down and front / rear steering actuators to adjust the density.

Maximize the authentic structure reveals ultra-rigid Lancia Thema sounds very best-in-class cab. The presence of two base areas composite panels, a laminated windscreen and windows, panels to reduce noise in the cabin and into the cavity of the wheel arches all offer an excellent report on road traffic noise and comfort board increase significantly.

2012 Lancia Thema review
Finally, many facilities specially designed for the chassis of the new concept to some of the dynamics and the best experience handling all types of road surfaces and weather conditions. In different, innovative rear multi-site link wishbone configuration with its versatility, keep the wheels perpendicular to the road during cornering, ensuring maximum grip. The damper has also been created specifically to absorb the power produced by a much less than the floor excellent. Order result is a very quiet cabin, almost no external sound, the movement of the car as it moves along the road barely perceptible.


Created by the exceptional performance of the metropolis, and over long distances, the 2012 Lancia Thema offers an alternative in a few different 6-cylinder engine, automatic transmission and all products of the wheel: 292 horsepower 3.6-liter V6 petrol automatic innovative studies on eight and the 190 hp or 224 hp V6 three.0L diesel engines, each of which is 5-speed automatic.

Chrysler Pentastar V6 petrol engine of the group combines the latest technologies - five euro in accordance with the law - which allows a 292 hp six-cylinder at 6,400 rpm and maximum torque of 353 Nm at 4800 rpm for CO2 emissions of 199 g / km (combined consumption: 8.3l/100km). This level of devices to obtain permits for new Thema Top speed 230 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h 7.two seconds, this result is partly because the new field has eight speeds.

2012 Lancia Thema review
Two diesel engines Euro 5, which gives the Italian Finance Ministry - a high total yield substantial diesel engine - to deliver 190 hp and 224 hp, and comes with an automatic transmission speed of five. In particular, the version of 224 hp and 550 Nm of torque at 1600-2800 rpm optimal.

Engineering on the train

The Lancia Thema UConnect ® Telecommunications Program of the modern information and advice diplomats deployed to keep passengers connected, protected and secure. The touch screen satellite navigation and dual-zone local capacity management to control the contact time UConnect ® guarantees an exceptional knowledge of drivers and passengers. Standard on the new flagship product, the system has great contacts eight.four inch screen with the screen controls are easy to use and allow customers to connect and manage their products (cell phones or MP3 players) . In addition, the stage of Lancia Thema Platinum finish provides a distinctive system of satellite navigation and Garmin TMC includes regular attendance and high quality technical audio with nine speakers and a subwoofer for a total of 506W amplification.

Passive safety and animated

Lancia Thema offers innovative security base about 70 active and passive, such as keyless Enter-N-Go and the Electronic Stability Program (ESC) as a regular with the brake exclusive All sets of warning devices and assistance Rain brake, designed to speed processing and dealing with the car, a stronger protection of pedestrians to protect pedestrians in the scenario of unintended consequences. To ensure maximum visibility at night and in all lighting conditions, Lancia Thema SmartBeam gives xenon adaptive headlights ™ as common.

E 'was also at the request of many modern features that make the model law Launch of a new class.

Collision Warning cruising management (ACC) and future (FCS)

Limitations of conventional cruise manage to win the adaptive cruise control (ACC). When the car comes to a second slower vehicle ahead, ACC adjusts speed and (if necessary) to activate the brakes to maintain a distance esivalitsemaa protected in the pilot, making it possible for her to stay away from the 'repetitive manual intervention. This is a much more smooth, comfortable driving experience for the driver. This sense of basic security and welfare of the ship is reinforced by additional collision warning (FCS), the attribute added that warns the driver if the incidents. Finally, adaptive cruise management has been optimized to stay away from the unintended consequences of fuel consumption.


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