Aston Martin One-77 Engine in The World's Strongest

Luxury car maker Aston Martin to claim their exotic supercars One-77 is a car with a powerful engine in the world. Cars Aston Martin One-77 new generation will be launched next year.

Aston Martin One-77's latest effort is claimed capable of spraying up to 750 hp and they think is the most powerful class.

British carmaker claims is certainly surprising. For the fastest production car today, Bugatti Veyron already has a staff of more than 1000 hp.

Even muscle cars American, Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake the GT 500 in 2011 alone was able to reach up to 800 personnel mob.

Aston Martin One-77 alone has the power for it from a capacity of 3.7 liter V12 engine capable of spraying 750 bhp power with 553 lb-ft of torque. The figure is claimed to be greater than the Pagani Zonda Cinque supercar is powered 681 bhp or even Pagani Zonda R is exclusively used in the circuit.

And despite the crazy relative worth, ie, reaching 1.2 million pounds or approximately USD 16.7 billion trust Aston Martin One-77 unit 77 which will make them back it will be sold out sold.

"One-77 has now closer to reality for manufactured and of course there is considerable joy in these projects. Now next step is to conduct all details to complete the repairs and composition. I know at the end of this car will show what the Aston Martin team able to create , "said CEO Dr Ulrich Bez Aston Martin in Aston Martin's official website on Wednesday (22/09/2010).

Shipping a car is by Ulrich Bez will begin in 2011. And now at least 100 millionaires already lining up to get the most luxurious car is Aston Martin.

One is the rich buyers from the Middle East. Amazingly, he bought 10 units at once.

Bentley Continental GT V8

From the looks, the car is released, with prices starting from U.S. $ 375 thousand look has changed a lot.

Although an expensive car, the Bentley Continental GT is one of the backbone of Bentley sales in the world. However, car manufacturers are apparently not yet satisfied. Bentley back out entry-level model with eight-cylinder engine or a V8 to the configuration.
Bentley Continental GT is now widely used raw material for aluminum body that helps its aerodynamic efficiency without reducing its ability to maneuver.
Behind bonnet, Bentley Continental GT to save a capacity of 4.0 liter V8 engine.

Bentley Continental GT interior.

Hyundai to Make Electric Car in 2010 | Hyundai BlueOn

Hyundai fulfill his promise to make electric cars in 2010. In a special ceremony in South Korea, Hyundai revealed the first production version of electric cars which they named Hyundai BlueOn.

From design, BlueOn did not differ with the Hyundai i10, because it takes the base of the city car Hyundai, which was developed in the past year by investment funds reached U.S. $ 34 million.

BlueOn equipped with an electric motor capable of producing power reaches 82 hp and 210 Nm of torque. 16.4 kwh LiPoly battery can store energy for a distance of 140 km.

Hyundai says BlueOn can reach 000-100 km / h in 13.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of up to 130 km / hr. BlueOn battery can be refilled in the normal household switch over six hours to fully charge, while filling quickly with a capacity of 80 percent, just within 25 minutes.

Car Combat Militar Audi R8 and Q7 Panzerjager

If previously there was cute smart fortwo city car used as a tank, now turn to the Audi supercar that appear with military special specifications, and ready to fight also, of course.

Especially if sportcar semodel Audi R8 or Audi Q7 SUV, which made the car combat, complete with specs and sprinkles her body paint. Audi makes cars battle it true?

Two Audi models are indeed true faces made for ready combat, but that makes no Audi, but the tuner Canada, SR Auto Group.

R8 Audi R8 named Militar, while the Q7 SUV named Panzerjager, a name originally derived from the German military tanks during World War II.

Both have been equipped with components supplied tuning house special modifications for performance, PPI, including a sprinkling of Grey Militar body paint from used car camouflage war units.

For the Audi R8 Militar, other body kit made of carbon from the front bumper, lip, skirts, diffuser, grill until the next intake, applications are also velk Agetro M140 Satin Black color.

In addition, upgraded ECM, as well as Miltek Exhaust System, and the suspension of the sector, a set of H & R Lowering Springs became the main sportcar this Audi.

While for the Q7 SUV, inspired by German tank destroyers Panzerjager Tiger Elefant, starting from the application of colored velk Agetro V500 Matte Black Face.

Wide Body Aero Package is also supplied by the PPI, and is made from Carbon ICE, plus Frost Satin Tail Light Xenon HID Conversion and Dual Fog Lamp System.

Still not enough, to add ferocity on the battlefield, the sector also needs to be suspended and replaced with the faces made Brembo Gran Turismo 6 Piston BBK-Yellow for the front and Brembo Gran Turismo four-piston rear BBK for Yellow.

Modification Toyota Avanza With Wheels 18 "

Exe Pegasus AF finishing polish with diamond cut
18 "inch dual PCD 4x100/114.3 embossed japan
accelera tires 215/35 Sigma inc

Toyota Avanza Wheels 18 Inchi

Nissan X-Trail Modification Autech

Nissan X-Trail with modifications made by a subsidiary of Nissan accessories, Autech.

The most Obvious modification of course part of the face. Where Autech already eliminating from its Nissan grille emblem logo Which now has a firm line with Chrome Accents.

Also on the Nissan X-Trail version of this Autech, Nissan did not pin a roof rack on its roof, but it Seems in view, does not eliminate the aura of its sporting and explorers.

Cabin space no different with the standard version, only semi-covered seats are black leather, further confirms the sporting aura in the cabin.

X-Trail 2.0 engine is equipped with six-speed manual transmission. Therefore, if not Previously tested the manual X-Trail, Will Be a bit surprised by sequencing its gears. Sign in first gear and put together backward direction, it's just special to retreat, before directed, firstly it Should be slightly raised ring on the lever gears, so they want cans retreat.

Parking sensor also reads, is also a distinguishing feature of the same variant in the standard version. Very useful if you want to park your SUV is not exactly small.

Although the transmit manually, but do not worry you will from the afternoon Quickly feet, Because of his clutch pedal was soft and bite, so for any beginner, machine dead symptoms Can be minimized.

Thus, with a sporty and youthful appearance, driving a Nissan X-Trail this manual always wanted demeanor as stepping on the accelerator, acceleration Because its quite addictive.

But, even if treated harshly, Nissan X-Trail from Autech manual transmission is still friendly in the bag when it should stop at the gas station.

And although the cars are categorized as explorers, but that does not mean the X-Trail can not pamper its passengers, with a soft suspension system but stable.

With a price less than $ 30,300, the X-Trail Autech could become an alternative for those of you who get bored with the standard view.

X-Trail Autech (left) and standard X-Trail.

Modern Retro Cars Most Expensive Valuables U.S. $ 8 Million

This is the most expensive retro car. Rapper Jay-Z is always included in the Forbes list of richest celebrities known to drive a Maybach Exelero is estimated to worth up to U.S. $ 8 million.

Looking at these fantastic prices, certainly raises the question, what is the special of the car used in the video clips Jay Z "Lost One" is this?

Maybach Exelero was first shown to the world in May 2005 pubrik ago in Berlin, Germany. Carries a two-seater coupe design integrating the retro-modern design, reinforced by the Maybach Exelero V12 engine, Twin-turbo that has a capacity of 5908 malignant forces.

With these machines Maybach Exelero when tested in high-speed track in Nardo, Italy capable of speeding up to 351 km per hour and give off energy in the run up to 700 hp with torque at 5000 rpm rotation speed below 1020 Nm at 2500 rpm.

While the Maybach Exelero for its design, the German luxury car manufacturer is assisted by students from Pforzheim College to design a design that takes the base of the Maybach 57 limousine.

Because that's not surprising that the outside car view which has the dimensions (PxLxT) 5890 mm, 2140 mm and 1390 mm this looks exotic with retro design lines but brings a modern specification.

Unfortunately, the car which is a sister brand of Mercedes-Benz is not intended to be mass produced and can only be owned by a limited course.

Suzuki Swift India Launches Series One Million Units

NEW DELHI, celebrates achievement million unit sales in India, Maruti Suzuki India Limited mark by producing a limited edition. Incidentally, the millionth production fell in Swift, it was decided to launch a "Swift One Million Edition".

Number of marketed (for India), just 1000 units with one color black Goldsmith. Advantage over other Swift, among others, a new audio system, interior graphic design, USB connectivity, leather upholstery, carpet, until the new garnishes on the exterior.

Mayank Pareek, Managing Executive Officer, Maruti Suzuki, said that this achievement is a pride for the company. "Swift One million Edition is a reflection of us as a sense of appreciation, especially to consumers who continue to support in this business," Pareek said in its official site.

This limited the unit will dibanderol 483 079 rupees, equivalent to USD 93.3 million per unit. Since it was first launched in 2005 ago, Swift has sold 490 000 units in India.
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