2011 Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi Motors extends the concept one step below (segment C), with the introduction of a younger brother and sport: the new Mitsubishi ASX compact crossover. Another "world engine for the regions" of Mitsubishi Motors, and therefore the specified name and accordingly, Mitsubishi ASX was first released in Japan in February 2010 (as "RVR"). After its European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 will retail in Europe in late spring 2010.

2011 Mitsubishi ASX
From concept to reality CX ASX

Sharing the same evocative "Blue Kawasemi" introduction of color, the new 2011 Mitsubishi ASX is a commercial interpretation Concept-cX show car presented at the IAA 2007, whose success convinced the administration of MMC in a production car itself.

More than about 20 cm (4.295 m against the concept is 4.11 m), slightly higher (+ 6.5 cm) and large (+ 2 cm), and offers more vertical tailgate while creating optimal packaging, Mitsubishi ASX share still Concept-cX is the theme of basic design and its car-like sure-footed attitude.

2011 Mitsubishi ASX
Suggested an open mouth "Jet Fighter" grille - a nod to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 's F-2 fighter jets and now a characteristic trademark of Mitsubishi Motors almost all road vehicles in Europe (Colt, Lancer and Outlander) - this is a car-like "attitude" was the key to the direction of the Mitsubishi designers: free of any pressure to simulate a heavy marketing SUV to go through in detail (it is not necessary with the Pajero / Montero / Shogun and L200 among ...), were further developed in the Concept-cX vocabulary toward the less polarizing still strong, expressive and finely executed "sports hatch" a good presence and substance.

Retention Concept CX "compact wedge" design concept of the pressure side of the light at the edges, they optimized the overall shape, which is the best use of 14.5 cm longer pitch (2.67 m against 2.525 m) to create a lower profile and more balanced with better integration of the prominent wheel arches. So the roof line running hours to the rear of the car to improve aerodynamic performance (Cd: 0.32) and further emphasizes the dynamic profile.

In front of the Jet Fighter grille looks identical to the Lancer and Outlander. However, it is now intertwined with more clips of substantial research, blend into the hood with a double bulge: this serves two purposes, to promote better pedestrian safety, in spite of a short projection, and also make the visibility the body of the driver, improving maneuverability in the city.

2011 Mitsubishi ASX
Behind is designed to lower and extend the silhouette, avoiding any sort of chunkiness resulting from a short trip, so that the sharp aerodynamic lip on the bottom of the backlight, thin almond-shaped headlights and a large trapezoidal plate that connects compartment.

Dynamic quality

Inside, the concept of elegance strong sport continues with a clear focus on shape, material and equipment rather than the pursuit of endless fantasy usually SUV-ness.

Pursuant to the outside, Mitsubishi ASX interior reflects a clear sense of the "dynamic quality" expressed through the hooded meter cluster shared with the Outlander, the soft padding around the middle of the dashboard to develop the door trim or silver accents carefully applied on both sides of the audio system or along the door panels.

At the same time, elements such as chrome round of the module around the shift lever, a motorcycle inspired and silver accents on both sides of the console, and meters.

Logically, the textures and materials were chosen to perform the same right key and appearance. Although the interior color scheme is based on a black monotone, the use of contrasting textures and materials are made to generate the necessary momentum.

In this context, particular emphasis was placed on trim areas not affected by the residents. This led to the development of a new type of two-tone upholstery with textured waves for chip contrastive, sporty look.

The same approach has prevailed for the seat upholstery where Mitsubishi designers and their partners in the textile industry has created a new embossed fabric material to add to the overall feeling of quality dynamic sporting activities, adding dramatic black 3D visual sober.

2011 Mitsubishi ASX
Lancer & Outlander

The last car developed in the MMC of "Project Global" mid-size platform, Mitsubishi ASX aims at blending Lancer cars on the road driving position and attitude Outlander AWC comfort of its intelligent, electronically controlled four-wheel drive.

Share wheelbase of 2.67 m long Outlander, Mitsubishi ASX 34.5cm shorter focuses on the most inferior Outlander structure and basic architecture of its chassis (MacPherson strut front, multilink rear suspension) properly aware of vehicles smaller and lighter.

A significant improvement is the introduction of a mechanism for electric power steering to other lower emissions, also equipped with two tilt and telescope adjustments, it is a first for the current range of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles.

Courtesy of "Project Global" architecture of the all-electronic platform, Mitsubishi ASX offers the full range of safety equipment and bribery, including (depending on model and market availability):

160 ˚ Super "Wide Vision", xenon HID

Active Stability Control

Traction Control

Hill Start Assist


Electronic distribution of braking force

Brake Assist

Shutdown signal

7 airbags (including driver's knee airbag)

Low impact MIVEC Diesel

The final factor to green tech strategy MMC, Mitsubishi ASX will also inaugurate a new family of all-aluminum, DOHC 16V 4-cylinder common rail direct injection "low impact" Euro-5 engines, jointly developed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), it gives - among others - the technical expertise gained through experience in industrial and marine diesel engines and in gas turbine technologies.

Initially available in 1.8 liter form - first with the 2011 Mitsubishi ASX and later during the second half of 2010 in relation to the Lancer family - the "4N13" all power is derived from the gasoline engine and recent MMC offers innovative technologies, including a new variable geometry turbocharger and features high-efficiency combustion resulting from the use of MMC and MHI own analytical technology.

Highlight this technology is a showcase of the system Mitsubishi MIVEC variable valve timing valve: the first passenger car diesel engines.

Of strategic importance in Europe against high level competitors in a highly competitive, the same performance 1,798 cc "4N13" Diesel Mitsubishi MIVEC engine low impact will be even more support in their environmental mission through adoption - all as standard versions - a complete package of low CO2 ClearTec, including:

"Automatic Stop & Go"

Flow closed Diesel Particulate Filter

Electric power steering

Control system generation

LED tail lights (low)

Low-resistance tires

At the same time, for customers who want an alternative to gasoline, Mitsubishi ASX also be offered with a new 1.6-liter DOHC 16v MIVEC: another order of things at home, this time to clean engine 1.5-liter Mitsubishi Colt. In this application, Mitsubishi ASX, also available with the complete package and ClearTec be offered with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Salon style

Discreet, Mitsubishi ASX interior is also a very pleasant living room, though its appearance, functionality, or its features.

Make the best use of its long wheelbase 2.67 m, 5 seats Mitsubishi ASX provides a comprehensive set of utility functions adapted to its compact size and loading needs of its likely potential customers in its 416 L on the angle of the seat back 17 degrees (forward position) (393L at the rear of backrest angle 23 degrees) of the trunk:

Backrest adjustable rear

Rear armrest with:

Ski Castle


60/40 rear seat

Easy back seat sometimes,

Under the floor (about 30l),

Convenience hooks + lighting

A feeling of sitting, heard the first sight of the ASX through the glass ceiling: first Mitsubishi Motors, this is a great UV-protected glass panel is just as nice during the day (roof) and night (when the moon roof), Courtesy of the surrounding "Moonlight" LED lighting that frames. This panoramic glass roof is standard on power sunshade.

2011 Mitsubishi ASX
That is as tangible as a number of teams, even from the basic model with standard features like MP3 CD radio, auxiliary input and four speakers, manual air conditioning, seven airbags, stability control and active control systems traction, etc.

Above the line, automatic climate control, rain and darkness sensors, cruise control, multifunction steering wheel, rear parking monitor, Bluetooth ™ and USB, tinted glass, HID Super "broad view" xenon headlights, operating system keyless entry, engine start-stop button, leather, Mitsubishi Multi-Communication System with HDD navigation system and music server, Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio ™, etc are also available with Mitsubishi ASX.


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