2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review

An innovative, all new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is a global public debut at the Paris Salon in 2010. Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said: "These are exciting times for our company as we continue to expand our portfolio with the Range Rover new addition to align not only the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Increase our share global market, but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainable construction, however, highly desirable products. "

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Dr. Speth continued, "The 2011 Land Rover Evoque helps to define a new segment for premium compact SUVs that are more sporty and stylish, it makes a strong statement about the future direction of the Range Rover brand and will have a strong emotional appeal to a very wide range. buyers of high-end car. "

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has transformed the acclaimed LRX concept car into reality, faithfully capturing the spirit of its attractions cross-sectional design.

True to the brand Range Rover Evoque offers effortless premium levels of craftsmanship, luxury and performance, but shrink-wrapped in a package more compact.

The Range Rover lightest and most fuel efficient ever, shows the commitment Evoque marks to environmental sustainability, carrying capacity CO2 sub-130g/km premium SUV class.

Managing Director Phil Popham, Land Rover, said: "The innovative, all-new Range Rover Evoque takes the brand new exciting brand A very important and modern appeal Evoque a number of new customers who may not have thought of the first Range Rover ..

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
"For this highly distinctive product, we have chosen a distinctive name. The new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is sold in over 160 countries around the world and his name will be instantly recognizable across linguistic and cultural barriers worldwide . Evoque implies exclusivity and arouses emotions, and has an aura that is a sophisticated urban elegance of the car, "he added.

Dr. Speth continued. "This vehicle is designed, developed and will be made in England allowing the creation of over 1,000 jobs in our multi-award winning Halewood plant in Merseyside This boost employment, coupled with the fact that over 80 percent of Range Rover Evoque production is planned for export, will be a great support to the UK economy. "

Changes in the design of the Range Rover

The new 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque directly inspired by the LRX concept car, which became famous worldwide for a new and exciting interpretation of the classic Range Rover design cues.

Intelligent design in collaboration with the meticulous engineering has allowed the spirit of the LRX concept to become reality without compromising the heart of the Range Rover values ​​of interior luxury, refined performance and off-road capabilities.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover manager, said: "Range Rover Evoque marks a significant evolution of Range Rover design by adopting new interpretations of the indices Range Rover design classic and staying true to core values ​​Range Rover.

"The dramatic rise of the beltline, muscular shoulder running the length of the car, and a distinctive taper to the floating roofline, Evoque is a very dynamic profile is a powerful and sporty attitude."

Pushing the wheels to the four corners of the car contributes to its target position. The wheel arches are wide but softly integrated into the body, while the corners carefully designed to significantly reduce the car's visual overhangs front and rear.

A well-made luxury interior

Under its dramatic appearance, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque offers customers the luxury cabin fully realized, with the highest quality materials and stylish design is expected to Range Rover interior.

Gerry McGovern continued, "The robust and simple architecture of the cabin is evident with the bold intersection between the solid elements of the dashboard horizontal and vertical lines powerful central console."

Unico is a compact SUV segment, Evoque allows customers to determine the luxuriously appointed cabin with soft premium leather and beautifully tailored, twin needle stitching offers a luxurious finish to almost any surface, cockpit doors and seats.

Bold contrast comforting aroma and soft feel of natural leather, authentic metal finishes provide a series of reflections impressive. Cool to the touch and exquisitely crafted, metal finishes are blind, and superior visual quality internal memo.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Instrumentation, which is less than a curved binnacle compact, sporty, premium feel of the interior. Double play an attractive, three-dimensional shape with a thick, beads and needles lit, and placed deep into the circular enclosure in brilliant polished chrome wheels.

Total comfort and functionality

This driver accepts a sitting position lower than the larger Range Rover, which offers a sportier feel, but maintains the important driving position. The result is a more generous headroom is traditionally in many sports sedans, despite a low roofline coupe.

Drivers who take the Range Rover Evoque off-road can be sure you understand that in addition to extremely generous ground clearance, the car is much better than break-in angle, angle of attack and angle of premium compact SUV output.

Handling dynamic and effortless, refined performance

Land Rover engineers have developed the Range Rover Evoque to provide customers with a polished driving experience that combines dynamic and sporty handling with good response, without effort and refinement.

Murray Dietsch, program director of Land Rover, said: "We set the electric power steering and chassis Evoque (EPAS) to provide a precise and responsive steering at low speeds, which makes the car agile and fun to drive in town Since Evoque is. easier with a smaller footprint, it reacts quickly and positively to driver inputs at high speeds, ensuring that enthusiastic drivers are offered the agility they want a car. "

This appealing character, and the sport has not been achieved at the expense of hardness or lack of comfort and refinement. Adaptive Dynamics uses advanced MagneRide ™ dampers that offer a good compromise trusted, agile handling and supple, controlled ride. The suspension allows you to control the body more closely with the management platform and sharper responses.

As a whole range Rover Evoque offers all the time, all the capabilities of surface, which is characteristic of the brand. Like its big brother, the potential new model of formidable terrain, enhanced by the latest version of the company's signature Terrain Response.

The Range Rover Evoque will be the first to offer customers a choice between standard, full-time drive system intelligent four-wheel drive offers excellent performance and traction on all surfaces and a low-carbon, two-wheel drive option for improved fuel.

The turbo powertrain line offers high performance and smooth. Customers can choose between day largely 2.2-liter turbodiesel 150 hp 190p and derivatives. The four-wheel drive version of 150 hp combined with the 2.2-liter will offer up an impressive 50mpg and 145g/km CO2. State-of-the-art new 240p, 2.0-liter gasoline engine Si4 combines direct injection, turbocharging and dual variable valve timing for exceptional driveability and fuel economy.

Murray Dietsch continued, "state-of-the-art, combines four-cylinder engines turbocharged six-cylinder refinement and performance with fuel economy figures of up to 58mpg and emissions of 130g/km in CO2 These impressive figures are obtained from the product development team. obligation to provide a compact and weight-effective without compromising the sustainability and robustness. "

Serious about sustainability

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque sends a strong message that the brand has decided to make significant new products that are not only desirable, but also much more durable.

References green new vehicle from the mother of a comprehensive approach to reducing the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, development and manufacturing through customer use and end of life recycling.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Although Evoque offers premium luxury and performance customers expect from a Range Rover, it also shows levels of efficiency and design which makes it responsible for one of the most durable cars in its class.

The result is a Range Rover, which sets new standards for compact premium SUV segment in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and the two-wheel drive diesel engine capable of an exceptional sub 130g/km CO2.

Typically Evoque

Land Rover designers and engineers have developed a variety of distinctive and innovative features to ensure that the Range Rover Evoque stands out from the crowd.

Lighting plays an important role in distinguishing the call Evoque. First to catch the eye is the powerful graphical signature on the front lights, LED light created by the innovative blade technology. A similar graphic is repeated in the LED rear lights, with their jewel-like 3D models of petal.

Approaching the car at night and you can view a graph of the vehicle in bold along the entrance doors, illuminated by the "puddle lights" for the glory of the mirrors.

More special touches that greet you upon entering the car. The interior has come alive with lively choreography boot sequence, while the rotary auto shifter completes the "salvation" as it rises silently in the driver's hand.

Ambient lighting LED lighting provides sophisticated and accurate in the cabin, a range of colors can be selected by the driver depending on their mood. Select the dynamic mode, however, and a sporty red color scheme fills the interior and the instrument cluster rings and display.

Completion of the selection of features, the first panoramic roof is mounted on a Range Rover can be specified, with views in all directions, which helps to make every trip a special occasion.

The benefits of Evoke even complete selection of the latest technologies such as the widest range of Rover, in terms of control, connectivity, comfort and convenience for all occupants.

The drive wheels, the Range Rover Evoque is distinguished by a carefully designed controls and monitors, which combines style, uncluttered layout, state-of-the-art and first class functionality, ease of use.

At the heart of the control system is the highly acclaimed Range Rover, eight inches high definition touch screen with clean graphics and simple, intuitive menu structure. The display is available with the innovative dual-view, so that the driver and passenger can display the contents completely independent.

Tech-savvy customers get the connectivity they need with a complete package that includes Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone use and audio streaming, and a range of USB and auxiliary input for iPod and other portable devices.

The bishop is the first Range Rover to offer breathtaking new sound systems developed in conjunction with high-end audio specialist Meridian. Meridian offers prize is a 825W, 17 speakers offering the ultimate in surround sound.

Range Rover Evoque will be manufactured at the factory won several awards at Halewood on Merseyside, United Kingdom. The car was designed for all world markets, and will be available in over 160 countries worldwide in the summer of 2011.

Phil Popham, said: "The launch of Range Rover Evoque is a great step forward for the brand Range Rover This revolutionary car brings new excitement and relevance of the brand, but remains true to the values ​​of luxury and upscale performance that has made Range. Rover such a lasting success over the past 40 years. "

Revolutionary design

The new Range Rover Evoque has turned into reality the concept of LRX, marking a bold development of Range Rover design, and offers customers a compact, premium and highly desirable SUV.

A revolutionary and original cross-coupé, capturing Evoke - almost to the millimeter - the magnificent design of the LRX concept. With its advanced lines and a sporty and dynamic profile, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque creates a new segment of premium off-road coupe.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Gerry McGovern, said Chief Land Rover: "The extremely positive worldwide for the LRX concept in 2008 made us determined to develop a production car that captured the spirit from the exciting concept, however, and tries to make one. practical and desirable production reality, was a huge challenge for our designers and engineers, but they embraced with impressive energy and passion. "

The classic signs of Range Rover design with a bold new interpretation

The exterior features interesting Evoque bold new interpretations of classic clues Range Rover design, including the clamshell hood signature, the floating roof and the solid 'wheel-at-each-corner stance.

Unlike the previous range Rover Evoque is a fairly dramatic increase in the dynamic beltline, muscular shoulder running the length of the car, and a distinctive taper to the floating roofline. A bold graphic design created by the exaggerated wedge window, highlight the line with black columns.

Pushing the wheels of the four corners helps give the car its fixed location, the wheel arches are wide but softly integrated into the body. The carefully sculpted corners dramatically reduce the car's visual overhangs front and rear.

The front design makes a powerful statement on the Range Rover graphic identity created by the bold horizontal grille perforated with two coasts and lighthouses.

The stylish body exudes a strong sense of high quality of its precise, tight shut lines, surprising details, such as air intake hood and side vents, and the gem-quality, thin front and rear lights LED lighting for their signature and tapering blade indicator clusters.

"The performance of the design will result in a strong emotional reaction. His unique style will attract a new generation of Range Rover customers who have never considered an SUV before, such as premium coupe buyers who want to create a bold new statement, "said McGovern.

Modern and premium sports interior

The interior architecture Evoke is strong, clean and quality of the materials of a traditional Range Rover, and applies them in a more contemporary and sporty.

As in most of the Range Rover, the centerpiece of the cabin is the intersection between the elements in bold horizontal solid and dash vertical lines powerful central console.

The designers were also inspired by the elegant forms of the LRX concept interior, capturing the dramatic slope of the center console and the clean lines and elegant instrument panel. The design retains the concept of storage space under the console substantial slope, open structure that reflects the themes of lightness and efficiency found nowhere else in the car.

The exquisite quality and workmanship of the materials is evidenced by the very modern, clean treatment of interior surfaces, including fabric treatment of ventilation holes and horizontal roller shutter in the center console.

Housed in a compact inner curve, the dashboard enhances the sport, premium feel of the interior. The brand has a twin expressive three-dimensional shape of grains illuminated thick needles, and stored in the circular dwellings sports shiny chrome rims.

An optional fixed glass panoramic roof enhances the feeling of space and freedom in the surprisingly spacious interior, flooding in natural light.

Gerry McGovern said: "The luxury, contemporary style to the cabin is the perfect off concept car with the best materials and craftsmanship and sleek and elegant, you say that it is a true range Rover interior, but with more. sporting flavor. "

Range Rover, the craftsmanship, materials and Range Rover

The Range Rover Evoque offer levels of quality and craftsmanship in every detail of the car. Particular attention is given to selecting only the best, top quality materials and the use of these materials with taste and care.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is wrapped in a luxurious finish of the upper instrument panel. The high quality leather using models of Windsor - beautifully soft high quality hides that have been selected for their exceptional touch and appearance - perfectly hand finished with double stitching in August

The fascia mid-section is also wrapped in leather, which, with sumptuous leather upholstery on the door panels and seats, creates the atmosphere of ultimate luxury. A total of 10m2 of leather - equivalent to more than three full cache - is needed to complete each vehicle. Every aspect of sewing, even to the size and shape of the needle, is also specified by the Range Rover experts, to ensure a perfect finish every time.

Even in models in which the skin is not specified, the instrument panel is still wrapped in high-quality, structured with soft double needle stitching, and a wealth of experience in interior design.

In contrast to the bold leather and sumptuous soft-touch surfaces, said a strong visual authentic metal finish on the horizontal band of the fascia, they surround the fan control, and the striking curved elements on each side of center console . Cold to the touch and beautifully crafted, metal finish is a visual and tactile reminder of the quality of indoor quality.

Meticulous attention to detail in all facets of the construction of the Range Rover Evoque also be illustrated with the thousands of hours beyond the impasse over how all visible parts fit together, ensuring superior quality and consistency goal.

Passing LRX concept to reality

2011 Land Rover Evoque is completely faithful to the LRX concept, beautiful style, capturing the design of nearly a millimeter.

During the development process was to preserve the integrity of the LRX concept highest priority and led to the adoption of new technologies and technical intelligent solutions to maintain the aspect concept car.

The package provides the vehicle with a unique combination of success and cutting style capable off-road geometry and ground clearance. The interior offers excellent accommodation for passengers and luggage, while retaining the essential elements of the position of the Classic Range Rover control driving.

Gerry McGovern said. "The Range Rover Evoque really gives you the best of both worlds - concept car looks combined with comfort and convenience of its large cabin falsely deep, up to the trunk is a car that perfectly suits our lifestyles busy and active customers. "

Sitting slightly lower than the larger Range Rover, the driver accepts the position of the controls for racing, which offers a more sporty feel, while maintaining the important sense of control and command. The result is a more generous headroom than traditionally in many sports sedans, although the low coupe roofline.

Drivers who take their Range Rover off-road Evoke was relieved to know that, in addition to generous ground clearance, the car much better angle of the ramp, the angle of approach and departure angle of other high-end SUV .


The new Range Rover Evoque has been designed and developed to provide drivers with a finely judged balance of sporty driving dynamics, performance and sophisticated refinement reactive.

This polished driving experience is true to the values ​​of the Range Rover brand, but adds a more dynamic and sporty, which is consistent with the promise of exciting concept car Evoque in bold.

David Mitchell, chief engineer of the program, explains: "Market research shows that the younger target audience for this car would prefer a more sporty driving character, which has encouraged us to offer a dynamic driving sensation more fun and trendy without losing balance and. refinement, which is an important feature of the Range Rover brand. "

Engaging driving dynamics and sporty

Achieving the desired dynamic character in the Evoque requires a change in the DNA of the Range Rover. Dynamics driving the Range Rover Sport, which has a similar DNA to that of a luxury sports sedan, the Range Rover specialists established to provide a more agile driving dynamics and connected.

In particular, the aim was to increase steering precision and agility at low speeds, so that the car was more responsive and fun to drive one of the typical urban driving conditions.

Evoke is a lighter weight, more compact footprint and low center of gravity contributed to a more flexible was critical technical changes are needed to provide the necessary answers.

Range Rover engineers initially focused on optimizing the stiffness of the chassis and body type, followed by careful tuning of the suspension components and the electric power steering (EPAS) system.

From the fully independent suspension - Long travel coil sprung struts front and rear - the rear suspension geometry has been adopted revised to raise the roll center back.

The variable ratio speed-sensitive EPAS system was tuned to direct some straight, and accuracy, the linear nature. Improve the precision and feedback, the control rack is solidly mounted front subframe.

Despite these changes delivered greater agility, handling causes reactions that are flattering and predictable, without any nervous reaction.

Make Evoque balance and stability maintained, which is characterized by long-distance range rover suspension, the engineers developed the car, while maintaining a comfortable ride and connected to the Range Rover Sport, an excellent control of body movements, and roll down.

This fine-tuning of the suspension bushings and spring rates and damping have provided more sporty nature suggests, has not compromised comfort and refinement.

Adaptive dynamics

Range Rover Evoque customers have the ability to specify a state of the art new Adaptive Dynamics feature which uses advanced magnetic ride dampers ™ continuously variable.

With magnetic ride shock absorbers ™ - which is generally mounted on the high-performance sports cars - the Adaptive Dynamics system provides an optimum balance between confident handling and flexibility of controlled rolling.

MagneRide ™ dampers offer continuously variable damper settings between soft (comfort) and hard (sports) extremes, and operate using a special damping fluid that contains magnetic particles. When they have a magnetic field, the liquid becomes viscous, thus increasing the damping.

Compared with a conventional damper valves based on continuous variable, MagneRide ™ can change the damping parameters much faster and has a wider operation, offering a more dynamic stable and secure.

Dynamic adaptation of system monitors vehicle movements at least 1000 times / second, which responds to commands from the driver or the road almost immediately to give more control and minimize body roll, providing a balance, run flat. The system can even detect off-road conditions, and optimize damping accordingly.

Drivers can also choose a dynamic mode with the Terrain Response system, which changes the registry settings to provide an even tighter control of the body, with flatter handling and sharper responses.

All-Weather, All-characteristic surface

As a Range Rover Evoque offers real all-weather, all the surface feature that is characteristic of the brand. Common in big brothers, the new model offers tremendous potential for off-road, which highlight the company signing Terrain Response system.

The four-wheel drive system is an innovative full-time intelligent system which continuously varies the torque distribution front / rear using an electronically controlled Haldex center clutch to provide maximum grip and balance for the conditions driving current.

The Haldex coupling is specially calibrated to fit Evoque is agile and responsive dynamic character, and ensure that it provides a fun to drive at full speed.

For customers that do not require the legendary Range Rover off-road capabilities, a model of two-wheel drive is available that provides an even better fuel consumption. The system of two-wheel drive has been carefully optimized to provide the same agile handling and driving fun than driving all four wheels.

Responsive all-turbo powertrain line-up

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoke has a turbo engine line-up all with a selection of state of the art for petrol and diesel power. Both gasoline and diesel engines are very refined, torque and strong performance, with enough power in reserve.

These advanced engines are relaxed and friendly cruise at a speed, but are adjusted to give a pleasant note, sports sportier driving. The engines are combined with sophisticated and efficient six-speed transmissions - automatic petrol engine, manual or automatic and diesel.

240 hp 2.0-liter gasoline engine room Si4

The petrol models feature the state of the art nouveau reduction 240P 2.0-liter Si4 engine, which combines six-cylinder refinement and performance with fuel economy four-cylinder.

The latest powertrain technologies - such as high-performance turbocharged direct injection high-pressure direct fuel and dual variable valve timing - are combined to provide excellent machinability, which is very strong bottom-end performance and a very wide powerband of torque.

The system Si4 very efficient combustion can achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: reducing the 2.0-liter engine to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent compared to larger conventional engines Fuel capacity with similar power.

The compact all-aluminum, four-cylinder engine is also significantly lighter than conventional engines of similar output. For example, consider the 2.0-liter Si4 240p unit about 40 kg less than the Land Rover 233PS 3.2-liter I6 engine.

Other key engine technologies include a sound generator Mahle a note rich, powerful motor for high acceleration, an exhaust manifold to produce a single sheet of metal (warming emissions faster and smaller), the design optimized low-friction with special treatments for piston rings and tappets, and a management system state of the art electronics.

Twin balance shafts and an optimized engine construction ensure all-alloy refinement than gently, sophisticated performance.

2.2-liter turbodiesel 190PS/150PS

Diesel models discussed are equipped with the latest 2.2-liter turbodiesel, available in 190p (SD4), 150 hp (TD4) and high-economy 150PS (ED4) derivatives, which provides an excellent balance between strong, high-torque performance, impressive refinement and excellent fuel economy.

2.2 turbo diesel range is extensively updated to provide significantly more energy, a very broad torque curve, further reducing noise and lower emissions of CO2. More than 60 percent of the parts are new or significantly changed.

The sophisticated engine is a source of strength for high-pressure common-rail injection with piezo injectors, variable nozzle turbine (VNT) turbocharger, a variable swirl system and upgraded engine management system to ensure optimum combustion.

Very low noise and smooth impressive is obtained by using technology as a double-walled cylinder block and two balancing shafts.

Innovations in the use of the latest version includes new low-noise injectors, water-cooled turbocharger to improve performance, reduce the friction of the piston optimized for efficiency, the new EGR system reduces particulate parts of the engine lighter, more Fast operation candle and measures improved NVH.

Cars with manual transmission is equipped with a stop-start function to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an additional eight percent.

Associated with M66 gearbox manual six-speed version DS4 also holds exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions, with CO2 emissions of 149g/km.

For the ultimate in low carbon performance, customers can specify a manual two-wheel drive car with high-economy variant ED4 engine to provide a first level of sub 130g/km CO2.

Refined and harmonious sound quality

Range Rover engineers have applied meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the Evoke shows a refined sound quality and harmonious in all driving conditions.

Innovative technologies, including advanced computer simulations and optimize focus using state of the art analysis tools such as advanced acoustic cameras were used to identify and remove any unwanted sounds.

Advances turbo petrol and diesel engines, both naturally quiet, but a more careful optimization of engine installations has reduced powertrain noise for best-in-class levels. All sources of unwanted noise has been isolated or eliminated, resulting in a refined sound quality across the range.

Wind noise has been minimized by the analysis of computational fluid dynamics, and extensive testing in wind tunnels. The key areas such as the shape of the mirrors of a pillar and secondary, are optimized very early in the development process.

Rolling Special acoustic windshield, as used in the Range Rover, further reduces wind noise and also helps eliminate combustion noise at high frequency.

Evoque road noise is well managed through a rigid, lightweight alloy suspension components, carefully optimized for the bushes. These features work together with a very stiff suspension attachment points inside the basket and carefully sprayed insulation to minimize NVH.

All other operating noises in closing the car door sounds to sounds, such as switches and motors, have been analyzed and refined during the development process to create a harmonious sound quality and premium for all residents.

David Mitchell said: "It 'was essential that the Range Rover Evoque met with the same finesse the larger models, the line-up when the riders to try the new model, which recognize the characteristic Range Rover has a performance relaxed and effortless, and a quiet interior .. "

Sustainable yield

The all-new Range Rover Evoque sends a powerful message that the company is serious about sustainability, and committed to providing products that are relevant and highly desirable.

Because smaller, lighter and more efficient new Range Rover Evoque addresses the growing consumer demand for 'environmentally friendly vehicle.

While the Evoke offers premium levels of luxury and performance that customers expect from a new Range Rover, but also demonstrates the kind of efficiency and responsible for the design, making it one of the most durable cars in its class.

David Mitchell. "The powers Green Range Rover Evoque has a comprehensive approach to reducing the environmental impact, not just when using clients, but throughout the life cycle of the car the whole life approach we can consider the best ways to minimize the total carbon footprint, taking into account the recycling of development, manufacturing and end of life, so that we can decisions smarter and more sustainable "

The smallest Range Rover ever

The first step in creating a more sustainable Range Rover is made smaller. Like the LRX concept, the Range Rover Evoque is the smallest ever Range Rover, pack the same level of luxury and technology, but in cellophane in a more compact size and more efficient.

Despite his imposing presence on the road at 4350 mm long, 430 mm Evoque is a massive shorter than the Range Rover Sport, and its dramatic coupe roofline, sits less than 180 mm beyond. Efficiency Evoque footprint can be demonstrated through a comparison with any typical midsize sedan.

A small vehicle is a more durable and compact size of the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has helped engineers to reduce weight, improve aerodynamic performance and reduce the amount of materials needed to produce it.

The most efficient architecture also creates the opportunity to benefit from light, high efficiency reduces the turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, which not only leads to superior performance, but also for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions .

Note that the compact Evoque was not achieved at the expense of the traditional virtues of the Range Rover. The car retains the legs and generous interior headroom, safe convenient geometry, off-road capability and higher ground clearance.

Advanced lightweight materials

Weight saving was the primary objective of the development of the Range Rover Evoque, and engineers have applied a series of advanced lightweight materials to make this the lightest Range Rover ever with weights starting at just 1,600 kg.

Reduce the weight creates a virtuous circle, as a lower weight in one area of ​​the car, it is possible to introduce lighter components in another, and so on. Since the fall of the total weight, improves performance and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly.

Small weight savings have been achieved by smart engineering decisions in all areas of the car, ranging from good acoustic breeze rolling alloy wheels and lightweight, the seats of lightweight structures and materials optimized laser welding spray isolation.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Petrol cars to benefit from the use of a completely new light, scaled 240 hp 2.0-liter Si4 engine, which weighs about 40 kg less than the I6 engine Land Rover similar power.

For the ultimate in weight savings, the two-wheel training ground Rover Range Rover Evoque 75 kg lighter than the four-wheel drive version, and allows for superior fuel economy and CO2 emissions for customers who do not require four-wheel all-terrain capability.

Low fuel consumption propulsion systems

The essence of the art technology diesel engine appears in the Range Rover Evoque has been fully optimized using the latest engine technology, exceptional fuel economy and minimize emissions of CO2.

The new lightweight, downsized 2.0-liter Si4 gasoline engine uses the latest technology high pressure direct injection, low inertia turbocharger and dual independent variable valve timing, creating a highly efficient combustion system.

Compared to traditional engines of larger capacity in the power itself, the new engine Si4 can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent.

Diesel customers TD4 turbodiesel the past has been fully updated to achieve reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, 60 percent of the components are new or substantially modified.

The TD4 new features to high-pressure fuel injection with common rail piezo injectors, a variable geometry turbocharger, a variable swirl system and an enhanced engine management system for optimum combustion efficiency.

Ed4 Economics 150 hp version is fully calibrate the fuel injection system to reduce the flow of fuel to improve fuel efficiency.

In cars with manual transmission diesel, the Range Rover Evoque becomes first to offer a stop-start function, which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by eight percent.

Automatic models take advantage of the latest F-21 box AW six-speed, which has been completely revised to improve its operational efficiency, including the optimization of speed, advanced control idle, and the adoption of the viscosity of the fluid transmission low.

Elimination of inefficiencies

Range Rover engineers have rigorously eliminated parasitic losses from all areas of the Evoke to ensure that the car offers the consumer the lowest possible.


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