2011 Mini Countryman

10 August 2011 Mini Countryman row upscale small car. This ranking is based on analysis of 28 published reviews and test drives and the Mini Countryman and our analysis of reliability and safety.

2011 Mini Countryman
For 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman is a new Mini crossover, which is both sporty and family. The industry loves this car, but they represent an important question: Is the four-seater with optional four-wheel drive successfully if it targets an audience so small?

Mini Cooper cars are not the family practice. They are really designed for young urban dwellers who want something quick run around the city with room for some people and may hold a week of groceries. For Clubman, Cooper was a bit more family friendly, but not enough to compete with highly ranked practice and family-oriented vehicles like the Honda CR-V and Jetta SportWagen. But with the introduction of the 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman, the reputation of the Mini as a brand for people without children are beginning to change. The Countryman is trying to combine utilitarianism and good results, and according to reviewers, succeed. "But it will sell?" Blog Auto demand. "After all, people will really find a dealer to purchase Mini crossover and Mini owners will always be ready to size up the small car, they learned to love over the years? "

2011 Mini Countryman
One of the biggest complaints reviewers have with other Cooper models is that they are too small. The Countryman change that. It is about a foot long and six inches wider than the Mini Cooper Hardtop makes a big difference when you sit in the cab Countryman. It is indeed large enough to hold six feet tall passengers, and adults who sit in the back will be relatively comfortable. In addition to being larger, Countryman also sits on the higher ground, giving drivers a clearer view of the road, something to test drivers appreciate. As a crossover, Mini Countryman thought should be available with AWD, which is a first for the brand. The system is called ALL4, and reviewers are satisfied with its performance, even if it is not suitable for rough terrain. In 2011 Countryman also has the most cargo space in the Mini range with a maximum of 41.3 cubic feet with rear seats folded.

2011 Mini Countryman
But remember, Mini Countryman is not for everyone, but it is more convenient than other cars in the Mini range. The only place where four people, so that families of five or more will need to address affordable compact SUVs that fit their lifestyle. The Countryman has more cargo space than Cooper Hardtop, but is easily beaten by many small cheap cars like the Honda Fit, which is cheaper and more spacious.

If you've always wanted a Mini Cooper, it's easy to get attracted by Countryman, because it promises an experience of driving pleasure and functionality. However, do not get too close. Countryman Check carefully before you decide to buy one. We can conclude that four-seat, is ideal for your lifestyle.

Other cars to consider

2011 Mini Cooper Countryman has a weird place in the market. This is a crossover, but is much smaller and less family friendly than the crossover SUV like the Honda CR-V and Toyota Countryman RAV4.The four-seater, which is unusual, but it seems that the priority Mini seats in addition comforts.

2011 Mini Countryman
If you know the Mini Countryman not only going to cut, chances are, you are looking for something more practical. You can start with the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Both are spacious, competent drivers, which are ideal for parents of three children and lives busy. These are good options, but they can not compete with the performance of the Countryman. In this case, please try the Volkswagen Tiguan. All these models are priced at the same time Countryman (not starting with more than $ 25,000), and are more spacious.

Because of their size, shape, price, and the need for premium fuel, the Nissan Juke is one of the competitors Countryman, but it is more practical than the Countryman. Although the five-seater, the back row is surprisingly small and uncomfortable for adults. It 'best to use a place to put foods that do not fall within the small enclosure Juke. One thing the Juke can match the performance of the Countryman. Its 1.6-liter engine makes 188 horsepower, which is seven more Cooper S Countryman, Countryman and 67 more than the base.

But in the end, if all you want is a spacious five-seater with innovative storage options, a Long cargo space, good fuel economy and be changed, go for the Honda Fit. This is one of the more utilitarian traps a small family can apply.

2011 Mini Countryman
About: 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Countryman is a new model for 2011. It is also the first crossover Mini Cooper, which means that it is taller and walks on the ground that the Mini Cooper Convertible or Mini Clubman. Besides being larger, mini added another first in the list of offers farmers the option of Mini All4 four-wheel drive system calls.

For 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman start at about $ 22.500, and there are three versions available: the base Cooper Countryman, Countryman Cooper S and Cooper S Countryman with ALL4.


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