2011 Peugeot iOn Review

Peugeot's 100% electric ion urban runabouts, easy to use, quiet, safe, connected, comfortable and easy to drive with a series of Peugeot Connect service, you can get around the city in a way that is different and sustainable.


environmental awareness expressed by Governments, local authorities and citizens, combined with the development of new energy storage technologies, today provides the electric vehicle is a new opportunity to take root in cities and their periphery .


Peugeot, the world leader in electric vehicles compared to the number of 106s sold Electric, taking another step in reducing emissions in the marketing of the ion, the first new generation 100% electric vehicles.

Ion, designed as the ideal car for city and suburb, is intended primarily for utilities and businesses, but also to individuals.

This race around the city package combines remarkable interior space with good management, unprecedented and safety standards, and a high level of comfort with a generous standard equipment. Then there are the rewards of Electrical Technology, namely the unprecedented silence, the absence of CO2 emissions and exceptional driveability.

You can drive my way to experience a new peace generated by the machine quiet, no transmission of vibration and the simplicity of no gear changes. What's more, the immediate availability of maximum torque allows efficient linear acceleration that makes driving in traffic a lot easier.



Thank you to the energy management of its lithium-ion energy and optimized by the deceleration and braking, the interval in the cycle European standard is 150 km. In practice, this is sufficient to cover most conductive pathways per day, of which 90% is actually less than 60 km.

It 's hard for 6 hours the battery again, using the traditional plug appliances. Fast-charge time with a special charging unit offers a 50% pay only fifteen minutes, or 80% in thirty minutes. Considering that a normal car parked about 90% of the time when you used to urban or semi-urban areas, time to load ion is entirely consistent with what motorists are accustomed to.


When you run between € 1.50 and € 2.00 per 100 km, the ion energy bill is unbeatable, whatever the state of charge used.Carried at night or during "rush hours" to get the costs can be reduced further and help to optimize the available electricity from power companies.

No compromise on safety

Standard equipment - six airbags, ESP, Electronic Brake force (REF), EBA (Emergency) - and the design of its structure, giving iOn the same level of security as a modern classic car.

The planning stages, a strong focus on safety and durability of electrical transmission. Battery components are included in a rigid container tightly sealed, placed under the passenger floor as the protection of a collision, the region takes the shape change. This also improves the car's weight distribution, calculating the center of gravity.

Recharging the battery or by a special unit or fast charge through a standard electrical outlet with a special cord is automatically adjusted according to the parameters monitored individual battery cells.


Services to LIFE

Also, the latest generation of electronic technology, ion contains the latest computer technologies to offer the Peugeot Connect services.

All models of ions, constant and for an indefinite period, to get the Connect Services * Peugeot, Peugeot and Peugeot as SOS Connect Connect help. If security conditions are in place, or the SOS button is pressed, the occupants of the vehicle was contacted in an emergency call center. Similarly, Peugeot Connect service by pressing the "Peugeot Lion" button automatically connects the user through a line. Since the exact position of the vehicle is determined automatically, for emergency services and repair can be quickly dispatched.

"All Inclusive" offer mobility

ion is based primarily on marketing all-inclusive "movement of the offer. For example: In France, this offer will last for five years and cost € 499 including VAT per month, which includes the machine and battery life - 5 year warranty, which covers the battery and power train - Maintenance and repair five years or 50000 km - Special electrical service - Peugeot Electric Plug guide services and access to mobility program Mu Peugeot.

Customer clear interest

Local authorities and governments are in favor of incorporating this new technology with the help of the State and by installing a program from a charging infrastructure. These authorities are also potential customers with its own fleet of vehicles and projects car-sharing that have been scheduled in several cities.


To date, Peugeot has already signed letters of intent with fifteen mobility operators, utilities, rent and car sharing companies in several European countries.

Several individuals from the website link to specific ions, these people are also interested in 100% of electric technology, as proposed by the established manufacturers such as Peugeot.

Mu iOn Peugeot network, the mobility service first offered by a manufacturer, one of the vehicles available for short-term loan. The people therefore, be able to test this new way to get around the city or choose a zero-emission car for a trip in a timely manner.


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