2011 Kia Pop Review

Given its world debut at the Paris Motor Show 2010 Kia Concept POP is an impressive vision of future urban traffic created by the online company's European Design Centre in Frankfurt, led by Guillaume led by Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer Kia Motors.

"POP is in full ethos of the rival brand" our "continued William. "We try to make things happen in the automotive world, to the surprise even more people wanted this car to act as a free kernel, an atom with savages."

Chrome and color, three meters long with a three-seater electric drive, oblong side windows and hinged doors is hardly surprising. Compared to electric concept car that preceded it, POP Kia Concept seems from a very different place.

Peter Schreyer added: "The POP does not point to the style of the next generation of cars, but it seems even further, there are many new things, such as graphics of the side windows are like a signature, with its unique own character. ".

Schreyer, in particular, points out a unique design of the side windows, they feel like high-tech lights dot-pattern grille and rear, full-length glass roof, and a simple, clean and the wheels - all the shows, says that the inspiration derived from outside the usual automotive industries.

"Many things that contributed to this project was not a machine," says Guillaume. "We are looking for a lightweight aerodynamic issues, such as sailing and fast bike. We found that the automotive world has not been inspired to achieve what we wanted to accomplish."

The French enthusiastically describes as the leaders of the front occupants are perfectly positioned at the center of ellipses Windows startup, such as the grid at night allows the Kia brand "tiger nose" to illuminate the darkness, and how the tabs at the bottom corners of the doors are actually mirror cameras that relay images to small screens in the cabin.

He continues, "and on its outskirts was always designed to work together. Seats impression that we have seen very quick and tried to ensure that passengers have a perfect view, just like a helicopter.

"The seats are designed for non-automotive. They are very pure, very simple, almost like furniture. The front seat is carved with interesting, flowing lines, because it is a Classic electric car without an engine, we were able to push further forward the server security, "he said.

The rear seat is located at an offset angle to the opposite side of the rear passenger in the cabin to the driver side A pillar. It is a matter of two pieces with a base that folds up when not in use, and backrest and head restraint integrated into the headliner. The legroom that results is quite remarkable in a car 1740 mm wide with a wheelbase of 2055 mm only.

Guillaume says purple color scheme, ".. We wanted a single color to create a peaceful feeling inside There's so clean when we were in it, I ran to the flight of a space ship and was so clean and capsule-like - as Cocoon - was a big influence. "

As for space, Kia Concept POP within two characteristics that would not look out of place on the deck of the Starship Enterprise. On a small piece of Plexiglas on the front wheel is a light transparent organic light emitting diode (dual) display that shows a speedometer, fuel gauge and battery readings of other great when the car is running, but is also completely transparent.

"We thought there was much that could happen with the main points of contact with the driver's car -. A chance to be visionary, twice has many advantages over the current generation of head-up displays, especially that it does not require a projector that takes up space and weigh much. This, we think this is the future, "adds Guillaume.

Guillaume is also excited about another supervisory screens "You get so accustomed to planners try to make things too" techy "with lots of buttons and switches, but Kia Concept POP is a single button Audio Everything else -.., navigation system and air conditioning, etc. - directed and animated touchscreen point of the animation creates a warm feeling to the driver. "

Thank you to her overall look striking and exciting individual characteristics, it is easy to forget that the Kia Concept POP is actually a fully electric, zero emission vehicle with a 50 kW, 190 Nm engine and a single charge range of 160 km . It is powered by highly efficient, compact lithium-polymer gel and is fully rechargeable in just six hours.

William concluded: "You know I have this vision in my head of a concept Kia POP sitting in the light of a busy intersection of Paris with all these riders Vespa wait together, loud revving their engines And when the lights s 'extinguish green Kia Concept POP. quietly go quietly. "


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