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Fast cool car designs and environmentally friendly: Who says Rama Environment Could not create the name and Back speeding? Giugiaro is Namir, the first hybrid car What is claimed as the fastest car ever There's Environment Rama.

Namir Yang in Arabic means 'capable of Tigers' reach the speed of 0-62 km / h in 3.5 seconds. New Articles maximum speed of 217 km / h and spend only one gallon of gasoline per 118 miles.

As reported by topspeed, Tuesday, March 3, 2009, the initials of the car designed by the deferred tax assets dari leading UK, Frazer-Nash. They work the same deferred tax assets Pages New Italy, Giugiaro, to design the article Tiger Yang One Husband.

Namir claimed as an elegant car, is the company has Sebuah MASA aggressiveness that is needed by the front vehicle. Ia the first time introduced to the Public at the International Motor Show In Geneva, Switzerland.

But his plan akan car Rama Husband Into Environmental Society released briefly Again Soon.


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