Essence Infiniti Review | Specifications

Overview of vehicles including the engine very similar to the Nissan GT-R, paddle shifters, exotic Louis Vuitton trunk for luggage, and ability to be carried away with nearly 600 horsepower of the total electric hybrid - the gasoline engine. The combination of luxury and performance reminds me of the Bugatti Veyron in many ways, but more efficient, cost effective, and can actually work here in the United States.

To properly kick off party for the essence of the Infiniti, there is a tour starting in Dallas, Texas and later expanded in key cities throughout the east coast. At this event, there will be special guests, key personnel, dealers, VIP, and of course the Essence Infiniti concept vehicle. There will be a special photo shoot and interviews are available for those looking for additional information. Parade is the main manufacturer of affordable luxury meets exotic, Infiniti is sure to capture the essence of the heart in every city it visits.

Essence Infiniti specifications
  • Front engine, rear wheel drive
  • Paddle Shift automated manual transmission
  • Turbocharged V6 hybrid electric engines
  • 592 horsepower combined (electric / petrol)
  • 500 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Two-door, two seater coupe


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