Audi R8 Test Drive at the Sepang Circuit

 Audi R8 test drive at the Sepang Circuit. Sports cars and circuits are the two lovebirds are very identical to each other. When the two met, then the romance was on fire with adrenaline-pumping speed. That's what happens when the Audi R8 sports car kind of 'dating' with the Sepang circuit, Malaysia.

The struggle between them took place in the heat. Armed with a very sporty body with extra large spoiler, Audi R8 as if to pounce.

There is no elegant aroma as it is commonly displayed by Audi in most models they produce.

Instead, aggressive body which awarded this car combined with a ferocious 10-cylinder engine with dry-sump lubrication, direct injection, DOHC cylinder heads drive this car fast track. On this occasion, detikOto test at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia.

No need to linger, detikOto immediately entered the car cabin. In the interior of this car, the impression of a simple but effective and efficient display. Without the need for excessive accent, Audi R8 already feels impressive. Fine Nappa leather seats are occupied even feels right and comfortable.

But for those of you who think that a sports car like this would be minimal entertainment, would not be surprised if this car is equipped with entertainment devices such as MMI Navigation Plus with DVD player and 6 CD changer (MP3 and WMA compatible) + 2 SD card reader that his tone out of the 10-channel amplifier and 12 loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen sound system with 465 watts total output.

In the middle there is the dashboard Driver Information System which provides a wealth of information for riders such as mileage for every liter of petrol in the tank, the fuel consumption on average, average speed, travel time to the service interval display.

Barking machine, and the roar of a V10 engine was stomping. For those who liked it very melodic. And of course, detikOto very pleased to hear the roar that greeted affectionately R8 Sepang's asphalt.

Audi says that the car carrying the engine with a capacity of 5204 cc with 12.5 compression has a strength of up to 525 bhp which can be captured in the round of 8,000 rpm with a torque that drives the car up to 530 Nm at 6500 rpm.

"The strength of this magnitude is more than enough to 'have fun'," said Rolf Volland, the instructor of the Audi just before this adventure begins.

Stepped on the gas pedal, and this German sports car speeding without hesitation. When the early morning, the weather was still drizzling Sepang after rain hit pretty hard. As a result, even a wet track conditions.

But it turns out the Audi R8 proved to be quite well established to make the riders confident that no doubt kept stepping on the gas pedal. Armed with the body dimension 4.434x1.930x1.252 mm with a wheelbase of 2650 mm, the Audi R8 was very lively dancing in Sepang.

And when the oversteer due to the speed and trajectory of the winding, Audi R8 by direct swiftly take control. Features Electronic stabilization program (ESP) is applied in this car was very helpful and reduce the risk of accidents with highly significant.

Besides ESP, safety features in cars include four airbags (two front and two on the side), Traction control (ASR), Electronic differential lock (EDL), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) to Brake Assist (BA).

As it got daylight and the circuit was dry asphalt. New real adventure began. Sports mode was chosen together with the activation of the Audi Magnetic Ride feature that can make the car's suspension to adjust the level of violence according to the terrain traversed.

And sure enough. The rate of vehicle the participants Audi Driving Experience 2011 was more rapidly with a dry track conditions and adaptation process which began to show results.
Each curve is able dilibas this car. Each wheel of the car feels very strong gripping the asphalt-hot Sepang. In fact, such sharp turns corners 2 and 9 can pass though the speedometer needle is still pointing to the 60-80 km / hour.

After the bend to the 14th, a long straight road which also lie. Stepped on the gas pedal to make the cars drive detikOto traveling at 190 km / hour. But many other participants said the figure could reach over 200 km / h in the same location.

While for those of you who have more guts, do not immediately disappointed. For the Audi R8 is still able to provide speed. Audi claims the car is capable of running with a top speed of 316 km / h and accelerates from rest to 100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds.

With ability like that, then do not be surprised if Audi apply brakes big enough to slow a vehicle that already apply permanent quattro drive system all-wheel drive and transmission 6-speed R-tronic with launch control.

And finally, the Audi R8 feels like a wild side embodiment of this German manufacturer. Pinned usual elegant impression in the Audi lost with the beat and the roar of voices and the ability diusungnya V10 engine.

These factors proved capable of pumping adrenaline rider up to the highest limit and make the R8 is not just 'naughty boy' in the Audi family car but also qualified delinquent who has the ability to fight rivals. Via: oto.detik.


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