2011 Audi TT RS Review

Audi is once again producing a five-cylinder engine - and a very special. Arriving at retailers this summer, Audi TT RS is a turbocharged 2.5-liter gasoline direct injection and produces 250 kW (340 hp) and 450 Nm (331.90 lb-ft) of torque. The five-cylinder engine burn gives the Audi TT RS for making outstanding achievements. As part of quattro permanent four-wheel drive and a high-performance chassis, the engine makes the Audi TT RS compact car premium sport - available in coupe and roadster.

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sports five-cylinder petrol engines have a long history of Audi. The most famous is probably the 2.1 liter turbocharged engine in the Audi quattro. The first version, launched in 1980, offered an impressive 147 kW (200 hp). Audi Sport Quattro and 1984, directly inspired by motor sport, has delivered an enormous 225 kilowatts (306 hp). For 25 years, turbo and quattro was a dynamic formula for success.

Audi has chosen to use this recipe. Designed from the ground, five-cylinder turbo engine combines direct fuel injection to raise the FSI Audi TT RS high-performance sports car. TFSI produces 250 kW (340 hp), the transition from 2480 cc (151.34 cu): a special power of 100.8 kW (137.1 hp) per liter.

Power to weight ratio is excellent. In the case of the Coupé, which weighs just 1,450 kilograms (3,196.70 pounds), power to weight ratio is only 4.3 kg / hp. Audi TT RS Roadster weighs 1,510 kilograms (3,328.98 pounds) and power to weight ratio 4.4 kg / hp - thanks to the ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and largely built around the principles of Audi Space Frame.

2011 Audi TT RS Image

The Audi TT RS coupe rockets from 0 to 100 km / h (0 to 62.14 km / h) in 4.6 seconds, the Audi TT RS Roadster needs only a tenth of a second. The speed limit of 250 kmh (155.34 mph) is the official figure of the two versions as an option, Audi can increase to 280 km / h (173.98 mph).

Almost more impressive is the attraction aggressive. Torque of 450 Nm (331.90 Nm) is available between 1600 and 5300 rpm. In addition, the Audi TT RS passes without the slightest effort. Last but not least, the engine makes the skin of the passengers' tingling again and again thanks to the rapid and effective response, inspiring free-roaming nature, tailpipes and his sore unequivocal: the five-cylinder Audi classical music!

Compact and lightweight: The five-cylinder TFSI

As a motor sports car without compromise, the 2.5-liter TFSI is ultra-compact. Only 49 centimeters (19.29 inches) long, making it ideal for transverse installation in the Audi TT RS. And weighing just 183 kilograms (403.45 pounds), also set a record. The casing is made of vermicular graphite cast. This high tech material attaches the greatest strength with low weight, was also used for more Audi TDI engines. Perfectly located reinforcements improve the capacity for load. Light cylinder head, pistons and connecting rods are light weight and high strength.

2011 Audi TT RS Image

The ultra-powerful engine with five cylinders is extremely fuel efficient, requiring an average of only 9.2 l/100 km [25.57 mpg] in terms Coupé (cabriolet: 9.5 l/100 km [24, 76 mpg]). switchable flaps in the intake manifold air mixture entering a configuration calculated. Injected with a pressure up to 120 bar common rail system, the gasoline intense vortices in the combustion chamber - which in turn cools the walls. This then facilitates a 10.0:1 compression ratio of which is very high for a turbo engine. The two adjustable camshafts, driven by chains, also to improve the charging efficiency of air-fuel mixture.

The turbocharger generates high as 1.2 bar boost pressure. The intercooler, fully supplied with air at the bottom of the inner grid, reducing the temperature of air compressed by over 80 percent at full load.

When the standard Audi TT RS Sport driver presses the button on the center tunnel, the flap installed on the left exhaust pipe exhaust system makes the noise even stronger and more powerful at the same time, increasing engine responsiveness. The optional sport exhaust system is available in matte black exhaust emissions and sound flip.

2011 Audi TT RS Image

For the purists, the kinematics.

The Audi TT RS is the classic sports car family first Audi RS. Like the Audi RS4 Audi RS6 and Audi TT RS was developed by quattro GmbH so pure, no holds barred driving machine. A new six-speed manual transmission transmits the enormous power of the engine, and allows easy operation and precise thanks to a display shifter specially designed tours especially short passage. defining the transmission characteristics are a high rate of return and sports tight space ratios.

The Audi TT RS has quattro permanent all standard equipment. His heart is in the rear, an electronic control, hydraulic clutch blinds. If the situation requires it, the clutch directs most of the input torque of the front wheels to the rear wheels.

Within milliseconds, a powerful electric pump with battery weighs together through a hydraulic clutch. Four added power line falls at a constant speed, before the 'common propeller shaft and a compact rear axle differential - both are heavy elements.

Subsidies quattro, Audi TT RS outstanding fascinating dynamics and excellent stability. Dissolution of rural areas or a few laps on a circuit to allow top management to shine. Accurate and sensitive direction, the instant reaction of the chassis, neutrality to the limit in the curves, the traction out of a curve, and - again and again - exciting motor power: every mile on an Audi TT RS distilled distills the essence of sportsmanship.

High-tech Audi Excellence: chassis and body

Audi TT RS frame is based on world-class design foundation base Audi TT. The four rear axle, which handles longitudinal and lateral forces separately, a central role. The electromechanical steering is very effective and direction to adjust the speed of the vehicle. Aluminium front and rear steel body with an innovative mix of materials as a result of a balanced axle load distribution, outstanding crash safety, rigidity and even more, creating a milestone in the precise handling of the car.

The standard sports suspension that lowers the body 10 millimeters (0.39 inches), well-listening springs and dampers. The system Audi magnetic ride adaptive damping system allows the driver to choose between two modes of shock just by pressing the Sport button. Dynamic mode gives the Audi TT RS to embrace the road, the Comfort mode offers a pleasant walk balanced perfect for long trips.

sportier version of the TT range is 18-inch wheels fitted with 245/45 tires. They are complemented by powerful ventilated disc brakes, which measures 370 millimeters (14.57 inches) in diameter front and 310 mm (12.20 inches) behind it. So that the heat dissipates quickly in front of all season tires are perforated. They in turn are connected to the cable pin aluminum brake discs, which are surrounded by black four piston aluminum calipers and features a logo-RS.

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The Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) can be disabled completely or partially. In Sport mode, the engine does not intervene to control traction and braking even later than usual. In the second mode ESP is completely deactivated.

Power Face The Exterior

Slightly 4.20 meters (13.78 feet) long, firm and compact Audi TT RS notes of his explosive power of first contact. Spoiler restricts the retailer, which is reminiscent of a racing car. Great power and air intake openings are diamond shaped more. It is a grid frame black finish and an aluminum frame without a badge TT RS has the same style. Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights indicate a driver out of the Audi TT RS is approaching.

2011 Audi TT RS Image

The sides of the vehicle are highlighted by the large wheels 5-twin design, low box, and mirror housings outside the matte aluminum look. In the end, the dual output exhaust oval - long intervals - is surrounded by a diffuser insert. Again, a badge TT RS. A fixed rear spoiler is standard, but customers can choose the one that automatically expands and contracts. Thank you to a drag coefficient of only 0.3, 2 +2 seater coupe and two-seater roadster slide effortlessly into the wind. Audi TT RS available in eight colors. Among them, four exclusive possibilities: Daytona Grey Pearl, Blue Pearl Mugello Blue Pearl Sepang and Suzuka Grey Metallic. Audi TT RS Roadster soft top available in black or dark gray.

Exclusive: Interior Package and equipment

The dynamic exterior of the Audi TT RS is offset from the inside. Multifunction steering wheel, sports leather steering wheel rim has a very thick, is flat and covered in perforated leather. Integrated into the dashboard, the information system for the driver can see the boost pressure and oil temperature and a timer to the chronicle of the exploits on the track. The door handles are made of two thin strips - typical Audi RS models. Automatic climate control and sound system are standard in the concert, like a top and a light wind deflector for electric electro RS Audi TT Roadster.

2011 Audi TT RS Image

The interior is completely black. Heated sport seats offer a combination of Alcantara leather / silver contrast stitching and embossed logos TT RS on the front of the file. additional plates and logos appearing on the steering wheel, tachometer, and the door sill trims. The inlays are in brushed aluminum. Mat silver pipe function, footrest and pedals are aluminum look.

Audi TT offers customers a wide range of improvements RS: variable style wheels measure 18 inches, 19 or 20 in diameter, bucket seats and seatbacks Nappa leather upholstery silk with perforations or Fine Nappa leather with perforations TT special; posts Ibis White Phantom Black paint or matte aluminum inlays look on the outside. In addition, high-tech navigation and multimedia systems available. Sales of Audi TT RS will begin in March 2009 with deliveries scheduled to begin in summer.


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